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Black Cherry Sensation $13.59
The Pinot Noir grape teamed up with a luscious blend of black cherry and red berries. One of our all-time favorites, your taste buds will love the Sensation.

Bridget's Raspberry  Beckoning $13.59
Invigorating flavors of sun ripened raspberries enhanced by the richness of the Pinot Noir grape. Beckoning you to enjoy each sip.

Blackberry Journey $13.59
Intense exotic flavors with fruitful tastes of juicy blackberries and Merlot’s ripe currants flavors make this wine just the thing for warming
up an evening with good friends. A Journey you will want to take over and over again.

Sassy Sisters Blueberry $13.59
Imagine an inviting bowl of plump
and juicy sweet blueberries and add
a splash of Shiraz. Experience the
exciting combination of freshly
picked dark fruit flavors with a
delicate touch of tannins and
structure. This sweet and Sassy red
wine is best enjoyed chilled on a
warm summer day.


Breathe Easy $13.59
You may Breathe Easy with this fresh, lively wine. A light, refreshing White Zinfandel wine flirts with your tongue, as you taste the essence of strawberry. A portion of this wine is donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of our Bridget.


D-Mac's Apple Delight $10.00
Natural apple flavors blend perfectly with the lively apple notes that are one of Riesling’s delightful trademarks. Clean, cool and crisp - a wonderful balance of apple flavor with the slight
acidity and firm character of the Riesling grape. A perfectly balanced sweet and velvety beverage that is sure to Delight.

Laura's Peach Longing $13.59
The luscious scent of ripe Peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavorful wine. It blends the varietal notes of Chardonnay with the natural sweetness of juicy peaches. This wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon
by the lake, or an evening barbecue. A delicious refresher that will leave you Longing for more.  




Chambourcin $15.59

From the Tipple Hill Vineyard. A full bodied dry red wine.

Petite Pearl $15.59

ONLY Missouri winery to offer this rare wine. A full bodied dry red wine. From a local vineyard.

Sweet Petite Pearl $15.59   Silver Award Winner

ONLY Missouri winery to offer this rare wine. A full bodied red wine sweetened to please the pallet. From a local vineyard.


Merlot $15.59
A semi-dry, full-bodied red wine with  a smooth, soft flavor of blackberry and plum.


Pinot Noir $15.59
A semi-dry, elegant full body wine with aromas of raspberry and cherry.

Shiraz $15.59
A semi-dry robust full-bodied red wine with a smooth texture blackberry, plum, and peppery

Antique Harvesters:  $15.59
From the Tipple Hill Vineyard.  A Chambourcin Concord blend. Semi-sweet red wine.


Concord: $15.59

From the Tipple Hill Vineyard.  A Concord sweet red wine.

Riesling $15.59

A semi-dry, light crisp wine with intriguing herbal aroma.


Pinot Grigio $15.59

A semi-dry, soft wine with fruity aroma. Sumptuous flavors from pear to peach with a hint of mintiness.


Muscat $15.59

A sweet wine with sweet flora aromas and a dry fruity taste.

Vignoles $15.59

From the Tipple Hill Vineyard. A sweet white with floral aromas.